Sunday, 13 July 2014

All loose ends tied

Mein damen und herren; mesdames et monsieurs; ladies and gents! The hour is almost (and you, if you're that empathetic or visual) - in 10 hours, I will be leaving these shores.

The past few days have been a blur; thank gd I took off yesterday!! I will condense the events into my very favourite listing device, the bullet point form:

  • I finished my job! I am no longer a teacher! Well, at least not officially. I'm sure my teacher side will emerge once I do verbal battle with some irritating Americans (Americans: I qualified that with 'irritating'. I'm not grouping you all as that. You know I love some of you) or anyone under the age of 25 (No comment. Teenage til 25, IMO). Nevertheless, and despite the short time frame in which I was at the school, it was emotional to say goodbye to my colleagues and my pupils. A fine bunch, they are, and definitely the best school I've worked in throughout my teaching career. A high point, to end it on, I would say. And thank gd. 
  • I took Corny to his new home. the lady is a proper cat lady (I could never fully commit to the role like that) - she has pictures of every cat she's ever owned on the walls, including one of Corny, and plenty of cat decor and furnishings. Corny seemed very happy there. I held it together pretty well whilst at the house, then cried all the way home. I called her later - she is ecstatic, and he seems quite settled there too. This in itself grants me much happiness and relief. 
  • But, once I had arrived home - I had no time to be weak! I let the cleaners in, finished packing and got ready for more flat viewings. Long story short, I have let it again, and this pleases me muchly. One more loose end tied. Also, my flat looks AMAZING, all shiny and new, once it had been professionally cleaned. I did feel sad to be leaving, but ready and excited for what this meant - aliya, baby! 
  • I then moved some of my stuff - including my cases - back to my parents with the help of my dad, who I called on the way home from leaving Corny and who evidently does not like the sound of girls crying. It's sad I've just learned this technique, but will apply this knowledge tomorrow at the airport check in desk, should it come to it, when submitting my overweight bags.  
  • And now, a life lesson: moving back to your parents home (even for two nights) after you've been away for so long is strange but also kind of great at the same time. My mum had amazing food waiting for me, and has been running backwards and forwards to replenish my tea. Niiiice. I have realised I've picked up some bad habits though - living alone does that to you - such as leaving stuff in random places, forgetting other people need to use the shower and talking to myself, amongst others. 
  • My mum is finally happy for me and accepts my decision, and just in the nick of time. She left me a lovely and positive card, expressing all of this - 

We then packed and repacked my cases (this is still a horrific and painful subject, and as such will not be expanded upon further) - it transpired it was actually a two man job. After this, as a reward or something, we went to get my nails painted, and which Louis the puppy promptly ruined upon our return. 

I'm sure they're sad to see me go. To be honest, the tears I've cried in these past few days have been mostly of frustration (packing. Eurghh!), sadness (Corny, saying goodbye to important people), happiness (that I'm finally doing it!!After so long!) and fear (rockets, sirens and airstrikes). 

And so I await the last round of goodbyes - some very important people - Daisy, Imran and Shane - are right now winging their way over here with one last ceremonial pizza, I am informed. 

And there - just like that, all loose ends are (finally) tied. I knew we'd get there in the end. 

From England-based Fliss, polite, tamed of mane and pining for the fjords of the Holy Land, I bid you adieu. 

The next time I write, it will be from my new, yet prior, home.

My homeland. My lifeblood. My dream. 

I can feel the transformation beginning - Israel is practically within my reach; my hair is frizzing at the mere thought of the heat and I'm breaking out my stash of flip flops in antici -


Here we go...! Lehitra'ot! Yalla! 

I'm on my way home. And it feels SO good. 

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